We all know that our inclination to uphold a balanced food and exercise routine suffers a lot when we work the graveyard shift or any other type of shift work, including rotating shifts. Not only this but it leads to changes in your circadian cycle which may disturb the hormonal balance in your body, increasing your propensity to overindulge in high-calorie foods.

One of the negative side effects of working shifts is weight gain. Although you can start reducing the additional weight—or at the very least, maintain your present weight—by making a few easy changes. So, if you’re someone dealing with the same issue and looking forward to knowing how you can lose weight while working the night shift, keep reading this post.

Does Night Shift Affect Your Body Weight?

Before beginning let’s have a clear look at whether night shifts really affect one’s body weight? The answer to this most common question is YES!

In simple words, your circadian cycle is disrupted when you work night shifts. It’s like your internal clock is set to repeat this pattern every day. So this cycle, as well as the homeostasis of your body’s metabolism and hormones, are all upset by shift work. This includes the vital hormones that control fullness and hunger, raising your desire for foods heavy in calories and carbohydrates.

Disruption in circadian rhythms can have adverse implications beyond only making you gain weight, such as anxiety, ulcers, inflammation, mental health issues etc. Hence it becomes necessary for people who work at night shift to pay attention to their health and follow healthy patterns.

Continue reading this page and learn the best tips to lose weight and stay healthy while working the night shift.

7 Tips To Lose Weight While Working Late

  • Make Space For Workout

    If you can, get up early and work out before your shift; it can improve your mood and give you more energy for the rest of the day. This may benefit from home exercise equipment or a 24-hour gym membership. The good news is that you can fit in quick bursts of activity throughout the day if you can’t find the time for a dedicated workout. Attempt to get in three 10-minute sessions throughout the day to keep your metabolism going while working the night shift. You can utilise the two 15-minute breaks you receive to sprint up and down stairs or around the building. A few crunches and a 30-second yoga plank posture will help if you can locate a peaceful area.

  • Prioritize Sleep In Your Routine

    After your shift, it’s more vital to unwind and get some sleep. The primary causes of your weight gain are lack of sleep and the hormonal changes it brings about. Always put sleep first. To get the most hours before your biological clock tries to wake you up, retire to bed as soon as you can after arriving home. If you need to relax, choose a task that you can complete in low light, such as reading a quiet book with a book light rather than a lamp.

  • Opt For Healthy Meals Only

    Instead of junk food, choose foods and snacks that are high in nutrients. Working overnight shifts can reduce your alternatives; health food establishments aren’t always open, so you’re stuck with whatever the office cafeteria, the fast-food menu, or the vending machine has to offer. It’s a good idea to bring your lunch and snacks to avoid these unhealthy temptations. Low-calorie sandwiches made with whole grain bread, fruit, raw veggies, plain popcorn, Greek yoghurt, salad, and almonds are examples of healthier options. Drink water or unsweetened liquids instead of soda or coffee.

  • Say No To Caffeine

    Caffeine has a half-life of roughly 6 hours, which means it needs 12 hours to completely leave your system. Drink coffee or energy drinks in the morning and steer clear of stimulants for the remainder of the workday to increase your chances of getting high-quality sleep following your shift. Get up and exercise your body for a minute if you feel your energy level waning. Keeping hydrated with water, chewing gum, or eating something nutritious and crunchy like an apple or tiny carrots are additional all-natural methods to remain awake.

  • Keep Drinking Water

    Making sure you have enough water will help you feel less worn out and be more mentally aware. Drink 20 to 32 ounces of water as soon as you wake up in addition to drinking water over the day. It increases metabolism, can increase energy levels and decreases appetite.

  • Have Protein Before Starting

    Make it a habit to eat before your shift so your body has time to convert the calories you consume into energy. Make sure the meal contains complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, fruits, and vegetables along with high protein content.

  • Prefer Taking Shower

    Take a hot bath or shower to simulate a sunset-like temperature drop even if you’re heading to bed as the sun rises. The drop could deepen your weight-loss slumber and hasten your ascent to sleep. And that’s it.

Lose Weight While Working Late

Pick The Best Diet If You Work At Night Shift

There isn’t a unique diet that promotes weight loss for night shift employees. Instead, concentrate on making good food choices to offset the negative consequences of working the night shift.

  • Breakfast

    Whatever time you wake up, the optimal moment to start your metabolism is with your first meal of the day. Go for oatmeal, healthy fruits, cereals, black coffee etc.

  • Lunch

    This should be the meal that you eat the most calories in—your primary meal. Your body needs a constant supply of energy to keep you running during your shift. Good options are grilled chicken, healthy baked vegetables, potatoes etc.

  • Dinner

    A sensible choice is to have a meal that is simple to digest, not frozen, and free of junk food from the vending machine. Steer clear of red meat, fried or spicy dishes, and decadent desserts. Rather than soda or coffee, choose water.

Choose Healthier Ways And Stay Fit While Working At Night

We all agree that there is always time to make a change. Yes, it can be difficult to start, but push yourself to complete one task at a time. Check out what works for you by using these weight loss tips. Moreover, follow your routine consistently and you’re done.

Hope this post would have helped you understand how you can make your life healthy by making small changes in your daily routine.