Nowadays, every other person is engaged in their process to get a good body with a perfect shape which in turn enhances confidence and puts a good impression on others. For this, they either bind themselves to a hectic workout schedule or put themselves on diet. But it seems now they are looking for short cuts too. Yes, I am talking about the diet supplements which are available out there to ease up this process. There are several diet pills flooded in the market which can help us control food cravings while on diet. But we often fear the fact that being on a diet will reduce our body muscles and strength. This is the reason we might hesitate to get one. But now no more such fears.

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Here, in this article, we will talk about an effective product which not only helps in burning fat but also builds lean muscles. It is considered as one of the best endurance boosters around the world.

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What is Cardarine?

Cardarine or GW501516 is a PPAR delta/ beta-agonist which activates the transcription of a bunch of genes located at different positions in the body. It was developed earlier for its benefits on heart, blood vessels and diabetes. But now it is widely circulated as an effective ‘endurance booster.’

Cardarine (GW501516) Review


It is said that Cardarine is very effective at a low dosage of 10 to 20mg per day. So it is better to go with this amount for the beginning. It has been seen that even at 10mg/ day, it can significantly lead to many benefits. We can also increase the dosage up to 15mg per day as per requirement for the next cycle. But it is recommended to use it in low dosages to prevent any kind of health problems.


It offers a wide range of benefits like it improves Cardiovascular performances, boosts fat loss, builds lean muscles and most importantly, it does not cause any kind of hormone suppression in the body. It improves the healing rate and reduces inflammation. Being regarded as the ultimate endurance booster, it helps to boost the energy levels at a much faster rate. This can reduce triglycerides and LDL. It does not stimulate the Nervous System. It causes the liver to switch its energy source from glucose to fatty acids which result in reduced blood sugar level. You can use this product to reduce kidney inflammation, thus protects against kidney diseases.

Side- Effects

Every product has its two sides. One shows all the benefits it offers and the other shows its side-effects. The same goes for this product. It has not known for causing severe health problems but only a few mild issues like headache and nausea. However, it is not recommended to be taken during pregnancy as it can inhibit fetal development.


Hitherto, we observed the benefits, side-effects, and recommended dosage of GW501516. It is regarded as one of the most widespread compounds in the field of bodybuilding. Even it is used by athletes to enhance their performances. It is gaining popularity among others too with its abilities to increase energy, shred fat and build muscles within a short duration of time and that too with much fewer side-effects.