That seems to be one of the top ongoing goals for the realm of fitness is getting a six-pack, no, I don’t mean a six-pack of beer, six-pack abs is the must-have by summertime. Working the abdominals helps to strengthen your core, it’s good to cover a variety of exercises so that you can reach all angles of the abdominals region.

If you want to get this area in shape and you are interested in bringing those abs out for everyone to see, you still have three months to get them in shape before summer comes creeping up around the corner.

Rock Hard Abs

In today’s subject we are going to discuss some of the best exercises for developing the abs, how many times per week you should train them, and following a good diet to make your abs stand out if you are looking for the best workout program for rock hard abs and getting those six-pack abs by summer.

Top 5 Best Exercises For Rock-Hard Abs

  1. Bicycle Crunch

    The first exercise that I will talk about is the bicycle crunch, when doing floor exercises such as this one, it’s best to use a floor mat, they will give you a little more cushion than doing them on the floor, a rug can give some cushion but nothing like using a floor mat. Another idea you can try, especially if you have lower back problems is to roll up a bath towel and place it under your low back area to help give support and keep an arch in your spine.

    Bicycle CrunchWhen doing the bicycle crunch you can either hold your arms in front of you or your hands behind your head, holding your hands behind your head will put more tension on your abdominals, so if you’re new to working abs and haven’t quite built up strength in this area it would be best to start out with your arms in front of you.

    First, you start by lying on your back, when you crunch forward, twist at the abdomen extending your right elbow forward simultaneously bringing your left knee towards your chest, then alternate, lowering your left leg while raising your right knee to your chest while crunching forward leading with your left elbow.

    Muscles involved in the bicycle crunch are the rectus abdominal, the front sheath of the abs that make up the six-pack muscles.

  1. Cross Crunch

    The cross crunch is pretty similar to the bicycle crunch but the slight variation can stress your abs at a slightly different angle.

    Cross CrunchStart by lying on your back with your arms out to your sides, while raising your right leg keeping a slight bend at the knee to take tension off your lower back, crunch forward raising your left arm stretched forward toward your toes, lower back to starting position, alternate and raise your left leg while raising your right arm stretched forward toward your toes.

    Muscles involved in the cross crunch are the obliques located on the sides of the abdomen.

  1. Leg Raises

    The leg raises are a pretty common exercise for the abs but they are great for working the lower abs and there are a couple of variations to this one that will help from keeping your workout from getting dull.

    Leg RaisesThis is another exercise where you will be lying on your back, keep your arms at your sides with the palms of your hands on the floor for stability, while keeping a slight bend to your knees to keep tension off your lower back, slowly raise your legs keeping them together until your toes are pointing upwards, slowly lower and repeat.

    Other variations to the leg raise, instead of keeping your legs straight, you raise your legs bending your knees, bringing your knees towards your chest, or another variation, you can keep your legs straight but alternate from one leg to the other. Another variation for the leg raises you can put an exercise ball between your ankles, this variation will help with tightening the inner thighs.

    Muscles involved in the leg raises are the lower abs. Sometimes the lower abs can be a little tougher to reach but the leg raises are sure to reach this area.

  1. Knee To Chest Stretch

    The knee to chest stretch isn’t a real direct exercise for working the abs but it’s a good one to help with tightening the abs if it’s done in the right way.

    Knee Chest CrunchStart out by lying on your back with your arms at your sides, raise your knees to your chest, grasp your knees with your hands and gently pull your knees in tighter towards your chest.

    This will stretch the back of your thighs, (hamstrings) while you pull your knees towards your chest, concentrate on pulling your abdominal muscles in as far as you can, and hold this position for a count of ten.

    Slowly lower your legs to a count of five, as you lower your legs, really concentrate on the abdominal muscles working. Once your legs reach the floor, stop just short of your legs resting on the floor, this will help to keep tension on your abs really making their muscles work, then repeat the process.

    Muscles involved in the knee to chest stretch are the lower back, hamstrings, glutes, and abs.

  1. Following The Right Diet

    Right Diet ChartWhat’s the best diet for bringing that six-pack out? It will need to be really low in fat, try to stay away from real starchy foods, excess bread, two slices of bread in a day would be more than enough, and stay away from processed meats and anything that is high in sodium.

    Soda and candy is an absolute no and pizza might be a tough one but if its rock hard abs are what you want then you will need to leave the pizza alone as well.

    Garden fresh salads are an excellent choice, as far as that goes, fresh fruits and vegetables should be your staple. Real lean meat like chicken, Turkey, fish, and tuna would be your best choices and the best way to prepare them is to bake them, never resort to fried food, it is unhealthy and too high in fat.


This article should be a sure-fire way to slim and trim your waistline down and carve a six-pack that will get head’s turning, but the information here alone will not do the job in itself, you need to have a burning desire to develop the chiseled waistline of a God and do the hard work, follow a lean diet plan and stick with it.

Another important factor to include is a rigorous cardiovascular program, whether it be cardio equipment at the gym or in your home, bicycling, jogging, swimming, or an aerobics class, whichever path you follow, you have to burn off more calories than you take in, the exercises that I covered in this article will firm, tone and chisel your waistline, but you also need cardiovascular to back that up.

I hope that this information will help you in your training goals and help you in achieving a healthy lifestyle, just remember, it all is up to you and if you choose to pursue a healthy way of living.