People nowadays are becoming more and more cautious about their body which in return reflects their personality. People are trying hard to get a body of their dream but unfortunately, most of them fail in their attempts. Maybe because they cannot stick to their diet plans. The thing which annoys us most while on diet is the food cravings we face. Therefore, for those, who want to suppress their appetite effectively, here I have brought a list of top 5 appetite suppressants which works.

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1. Fenugreek

Hailing from the legume family, fenugreek occupies first place in our list. It provides several health benefits like blood sugar regulation, cholesterol reduction, appetite control, etc. It contains galactomannan fibre which is well known for reducing appetite. This slows down stomach emptiness and delays carbs and fats absorption which leads to decreased appetite with better blood sugar control.


2. Zotrim

One of the best appetite suppressants in the market, it comes on the second position in our list. It contains ingredients like Yebra Mate leaf extract and other plant extracts. It helps us by breaking bad habits like overeating and snacking between meals thus enable to cut down calorie intake with ease. Clinically proven, this product aids to lose weight in a rapid and safe way. It gradually enables us to integrate our body into a healthier and more balanced diet.

3. Instant Knockout

We all know that nothing could be worse than having food cravings which cause to reach for some sweet sugar foods when a person is on a diet. This product, third in our list, helps to control the same. It is loaded with 10 powerful fat burners which aimed at providing its user with the body they desire. It increases the metabolism rate, boosts energy levels, improves mood and focus and reduces hunger cravings.

Instant Knockout

4. Amino Slim

It is one of the best and popular appetite suppressant which comes in the form of powder. With amazing results which it offers, it occupies the fourth position in our list. It contains BCAAs along with other amino acids which help to regenerate our body after a tough workout. It prevents fatigue which results in workouts for a longer duration. This product also includes Saffron, well known for appetite suppression, which decreases hunger and food cravings.

Amino Slim

5. HourGlass

This product which provides a safe and gentle way to get the desired effect, like other products, occupies the fifth position in our list. It incorporates a range of plant extracts and vitamins to get the expected results easily. For the best and fast results, it should be combined with a healthy diet and exercise plan. It has thermogenic fat-burning abilities. It naturally speeds up the body’s metabolism rate which makes it the best choice for females.



These were some of the popular appetite suppressants available in the market. These suppressants are safe for use. They effectively control hunger and food cravings thus reducing the amount of food intake. Reducing weight loss goals can be quite difficult but using these products, we can achieve our goals sooner. So what are you waiting for, go and grab one!